1st Grade Holiday Performance & Spaghetti

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Music…Deck the Halls by Louis Landon and Deck the Halls by Michael Dulin


Can Park Hill be Green?

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Written by Gillian, and Edited by Dalila

We are working on getting greener.

At Park Hill, we have a volunteer reuse and recycle mindset. We recycle and reuse by separating trash into recyclable items which we place into the Denver Recycling Program blue bins found in the school halls. We reuse when a teacher prints on the back side of the paper or when we go to art and Mrs. Pravecek has cut up cardboard for our art activity.

But we also throw away compostable objects into the trash can, such as food and compostable paper products. Sometimes teachers and students throw paper, cans, and recyclable plastic into the trash cans. Sometimes we print too much paper or read a print article instead of accessing the information online. Sometimes we are just lazy and don’t want to take the time to break down a package of trash into recyclable or reusable components.

There are ways for Park Hill to make our world healthier, cleaner, and just better for us kids.

Take the waste Park Hill creates at lunch. Park Hill needs to creating less waste and less recyclables. Also we need to have a program that provides recycling for all the lunchroom waste and trash.

Let’s start by looking at a typical sack lunch to see how we can make a big impact. 

Our lunch room needs composting. Trays, food, and bags sit in our trash cans everyday. When this happens, we waste all this compostable food and paper products. 

 Most lunches have at least 3 pieces of plastic in them, if all 720 students tossed three pieces of plastic into the trash, there would be 2,160 plastic pieces in our trash cans EVERYDAY. 

To continue this chain of thought, students come to school 180 days, 2,160 pieces of plastic would add up to 388,800 pieces of plastic Park Hill students throw away each school year. 

In one trash can you can find a gallon bag full of plastic, 55 gallon bags are in a normal sized trash can, and 254 million tons of plastic are thrown away each year. 

Katie Roach, a staff member at Park Hill, is developing a composting program to reduce waste. In 2016, started trying to get a composting program started at Park Hill. She hopes this type of program will contribute to a green environment at our school. Katie can make a program like this work by herself, all of us need to support a composting program at our school.  

As an example of student support: Fifth graders should help the younger grades learn how to separate their lunch trash into the right bins. Also, Fifth graders should help the younger grades learn to recycle, reuse, and compost in their classrooms.

Currently, a gigantic problem is in the lunchroom, NO composting and NO recycling bins, this situation does not help with the Park Hill waste problem. Our school should be a model school for putting in place and practicing GREEN environmentally safe guidelines.

WITH your help we can turn Park Hill into a model for a DPS green school. 

Here is a list of guidelines each student and teacher should follow everyday.

STOP packing plastic products in your lunches!  

Instead of buying the packaged sandwiches, make your own instead, and put them in a reusable container. 

No individual drinks, carry a thermos and a water jug.

Place a VERY BIG composting bin in the lunchroom! 

Place a VERY BIG recycle bin in the lunchroom!

Finally, it doesn’t help if you have recycling, and composting if you don’t do it! SO get environmentally smart, recycle and compost.

Let’s get a real environmentally green program at Park Hill, let’s start composting and recycling everything we can and instead of a big trash dumpster outside, we will have a big composting and recycle dumpster instead. 


The Idea of the Clyfford Still Museum

Written By: Jordan     Photography By: Drake and Jordan

The Park Hill 5th graders went to the Clyfford Still Museum on November 12, 2019. The goal for this field trip was to learn about Clyfford Still. Another reason we went was    Ms. Mills set up the field trip with the museum. Going to museums make us experience something new, usually we are stuck at school learning the basic things like reading, writing, math and social studies. 

At the Clyfford Still Museum we learned how art can have meaning and we learned about Clyfford’s life. To me the Clyfford Still museum was a great learning experience, as an artist I learned about how to perfect art. I got to see close up how precise his drawing layouts were of the pictures that don’t look realistic.  

Ever since I went to the museum, when I draw, I have looked at art a little differently . Also, as we toured the museum I felt I had a better understanding of what he was going through, how he was feeling, and why he created the paintings the way he did.

I do have some feedback for the museum: The museum could have another way of teaching use about Clyfford.


Mrs. Miller’s Future Entrepreneurs

Written By: Adelaide and Jack

Photos By: Audrey

We asked A few kindergarteners what they want to be when they grow up, and this is what they said. . .

Halloween Ghost and Goblins BEWARE

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Photos by Adelaide, Bella, Cate, Cody, Drake, Jack,

Jordan, Jude,  Kaati, Kayley, and Ty

Music by Journee and Dalila

Movie Editing by Audrey & Mrs. Isberg

   Thanksgiving Food Drive

 By Cate

This week the 5th grade Student Council is picking up cans around the whole school and we aren’t picking up cans for recycling. Student Council is picking up can because our school is collecting food for the to support the Park Hill Food Bank during the Thanksgiving holiday. After we collect those cans, we count the cans. The class that collects the most cans will win an extra recess!

The Creepy Rooms of Park Hill

By: Adelaide

You’ve seen Park Hill as a happy, cheerful place, but the three creepy rooms and secret tunnels under the school you have not noticed are spine chilling. The two attics on either side of the 3rd grade floor are filled with wires and storage. The Boiler Room holds three boilers that make terrifying, loud sounds, and is haunted by Willard Guy, the ghost of Park Hill. Below, find out just how scary these rooms are.



Photos by Bella and written by Bella and Kaati Kiwi

Ms. Oxman, how long have you been a teacher? I’ve been a teacher for 16 years.

What inspired you to become a teacher? It’s something I’ve always wanted to do.

Why did you switch to teaching 2nd grade? I taught 3rd grade most of my teaching career so I thought 2nd grade would be a better fit for my skills.

Where were you born? Denver

What is your weirdest talent? Dancing

What is one of your favorite hobbies? Dancing 

Do you have any pets? Yes, 2 dogs, Willow and Fergie, also one cat named Jasper.

What is your favorite book? Hooway for Wodney Wat by Helen Lester and Lynn Munsinger

What advice would you give a second grade teacher? On a regular basis, check on your kids to see what they are learning in school.

What college did you go to? CU, Metro state, and Regis University.

Can you recite all your students names? Yes, of course.

What’s your favorite food? Pizza

What’s your favorite animal? Elephant

Why? I like elephants because they are very sensitive and loyal to each other.

Spirit Week—Crazy as Ever

By: Gillian and Adelaide 

Spirit Week is as Crazy as ever, with Wacky hairdos and students dressed like teachers. A week of SPIRIT GALORE!

Park Hill’s Spirit Week is everyone’s favorite time of year, especially me! PARK HILL does not come up short when it comes to celebrating our community.

However, considering everything we celebrate Spirit Week is definitely the funniest.

Student Council picks the ideas for spirit week, and this year they choose, Pajama Day, Favorite Character Day, Wacky Wednesday, Dress like a Teacher Day, and Park Hill Pride Day. One of my favorite days was Wacky Wednesday, everyone was definitely wacky! 

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