Ms. Gates Talks Teddy

 By: Madeleine

        Were you wondering why there were teddy bear posters in the third grade hallway? That is because Brownie Troop number 65684 was wanting teddy bears, new stuffed animals or other used stuffed animals. “Why does the third grade Brownies want stuffed animals?” You may be asking yourself. They want stuffed animals because children in hospitals and orphanages may need the stuffed animals to calm them down. “How many stuffed animals did they raise?” You may eagerly ask. The Brownie Troop raised 75 stuffed animals! Some of the Brownie Troop members are Cate, Gillian, Alivia, Summer, Jaden, and Addie. They collected the stuffed animals from October 23 to November seventh. As you can see, the third grade Brownie Troop did very well in getting lots of stuffed animals.IMG_0505



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