Student Council Life

cropped-img_0277.jpgBy: Anya     

It is a typical morning when you sit down in your fifth grade classroom, ready for another day of work. Ms. Wren walks into the classroom and hands you and the other student council members in your class a note. The note states that there is to be a meeting for student council members during recess.

     You carry out your day normally, and at recess head to Ms. Wren’s classroom. She hands you a sheet of paper, and you sit down to read the paper. It tells you what you’ll be talking about. Today the paper says you’ll be talking about Monday morning announcements, monthly assemblies, and more. You begin your meeting. You come out of the meeting room knowing you’re doing morning announcements next week, you are talking about box tops at the next assembly, and you are to help out kindergarten the next day.


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