Gannon Wins!

By: Madeleine

       A few weeks ago I had an interview with Gannon. In a fifth grade class, some pieces were entered to a magazine, named StoryWorks. One piece won in the fifth grade class, Gannon. Scroll down to see the winning piece. Q1. How did you find out about the competition? A1. While reading a StoryWorks Magazine I saw that there was a competition and wrote a piece on accepting yourself. The article that I read was called Freddie and the Shades. Q2. Who gave you the award and what is it for? A2. The award was for winning the writing competition and Laura Tarshis, from StoryWorks and she gave me the award. Q3. What kind of prize did you get? A3. I got a book called Echo, by Pam Munoz Ryan. Q4. What inspired you to write the piece that you did? A4. I love writing and there was a competition and it was very exciting to me. Q5. What is your favorite genre to write? And why? A5. Realistic  Fiction stories that happened to me or other people and most of the time Realistic Stories are my favorite genre. The answers for this interview were spoken by me or by Gannon.

Are you wondering if you can read the winning piece? The next sentence is going to have the winning piece.


Dear Journal,

I learned a very valuable lesson this year. I thought Minnesota was going to be terrible and that my glasses would stay on permanently. I soon learned that I was completely wrong. At first, I hated everything that was going on and the sudden change was too much for me. My life was all perfect until Dad married Maggie and everything was different. Then, Maggie was pregnant and we were moving to Minnesota. Everything was just happening too fast! I decided that I would have sunglasses to protect me. I thought I might ever take them off until I met Amy. All she wanted was to get to know me. I met her cousins and became friends with them too. When I got a job at Snickerdoodle’s Bakery, I got to see Amy much more. I never really knew much about her until I found out she was leaving until December. Amy changed me and my opinion on things. When she was leaving, I realized my glasses didn’t help and I haven’t needed them since. During all of this, I realized that change can seem terrible but, you can make yourself happy. You can have a life you never knew possible. You can start a new beginning of great you ever imagined. Life may seem horrible but, there is always room to make it better. If you really try you can turn anger and sadness into joy and make your life content. Change is amazing and without it, I would not be having the life I am having now. Things are better than ever before.

– Freddie



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