Homework and Sleep

As most fifth graders know, we sent out a survey on homework and sleep. Some of the results were shocking. The results surprised us because many 5th graders like homework or think it’s necessary. Although, most people think homework is useless there are ups and downs of having homework and having sleep.

Here are some of the results.

Copy of Copy of Homework vs sleep2 - Google Docs

The results are fairly varied, only 58.2% said “yes, no homework would help me sleep.” We predicted that more than 80% would say would say that. The fact that “maybe” is more than half as large as the “yes” category is quite interesting to us. Here are more results.

Copy of Homework vs sleep1 - Google Docs

This one was more predictable, but if you see the one answer I don’t think homework is useless but I don’t think it’s necessary either, this interested us because this person doesn’t see a good use for homework but also doesn’t see a reason why it shouldn’t exist.

Copy of Homework vs sleep3 - Google Docs

With this, more people put their own answers, which means that they have a different opinion about when school should end and whether there should be homework or not. Many of the responses were saying that homework should not be part of the school routine.


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