Green Machine Winners ARE

The following winners and honorable mention participants were selected by Mrs. Ando and Mrs. Baldwin based on outstanding imagination and meticulous thought to the design of their GREEN MACHINE:

1st Grade

Winner is Matthew Weisz for his Water Airplane.
Honorable Mention is Katie Trainer for her Water Recycler.

2nd Grade

Winner is Abel Nieman for Abel's Machine.

Honorable Mention is  Malahnie Reynolds for the Panther Pride Cleanup.
Honorable Mention is Margot Pepple for Factory of Cloud Making.

3rd Grade

Winner is Summer Johnson for Cigarette Picker Upper & All That Stuff.

Honorable Mention is Aaliya Richardson for Trash Collector, 
Smasher, Fertilizer.

4th Grade

Winner is Elee Friar for All Season Greenhouse. 
Winner is Karam Aldarji and Alexi Mays 
for the Water Powered Plane Engine.

Honorable Mention is Helina Kaufman, Olivia Holmar, &
Greysen Friedman for Water Pollution.
Honorable Mention is Evan Fishman for the Water Machine.

5th Grade

Winner is Bo Christiansen for Micro Hydro Generator.

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