Black Hole, Will It Suck You In?


  By: Jackson The Favorite

A Black Hole’s Birth

A black hole is one of the most weird things astronomers have ever found in space. A black hole is created when a sun explodes, and dies from being a nebula. A nebula happens when a sun explodes. After the explosion stops,  either a black hole has been created or a supernova has been created. The creation of a supernova is very rare.




Black Hole Freezes Time


When a black hole is created it almost freezes time. If you were in a black hole it would be seconds for you, although it would be years if you were on earth. Another example, if you were to travel around a black hole, it would take three hours in space, but on Earth going around the black hole could take up to 100 years.

Cannibal Black Holes

Black holes get bigger by swallowing their neighbors or anything else that gets in their path.  Scientist call these black holes cannibals. They swallow other black holes and even planets.

What Would Happen

If you were ever to be in a black hole, it would rip you apart. But first, your legs would be stretched making them look like spaghetti.

Spagetti legs

You would see your legs being pulled far from your body, and then your spaghetti legs would explode into atomic particles. 


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