No Bullying Not Here! Not There! Nowhere!

By: Jackson The Favorite and Josie Horse

Have you ever been bullied before?

Well students at Park Hill have been bullied; and it is a real problem.

There are two types of bullies, cyberbullies and physical bullies. Cyberbullies are the ones who use computers to bully, and the other bullies are the ones who hurt your person whether they hit you or call you names you have been physically attacked.

Some bullies have been bullied before, maybe by a parent, another adult, an older kid or even someone in their neighborhood. When a person is bullied they may think they have to bully back or they are trying to get “revenge” or sometimes just do it because they think the need to. They can seriously hurt you if they are physically hurting you. So you need to find help. And don’t be worried because there are many things you can do to help yourself be safe.


Things to do if you get bullied:

  1. Stay away from the person who bullies you.
  2. Tell a teacher immediately if someone is bullying you!!!!
  3. Don’t try to bully the other bully because often this makes the situation worse.
  4. Tell your parents or another adult.
  5. Make a meeting with the principal and tell the principal what is happening.

Bullying is a big problem. There are many people in the world who have been bullied, including a friend of mine, let’s call her Matilda.  In the 4th grade, Matilda was bullied by a classmate of hers. No one helped her and she was very sad. She did everything she could do, but it kept on happening. Matilda spent the whole school year being scared and sad.

If this ever happens to you, just avoid the person who bullies you, which is exactly what Matilda did. Also go tell a trusted adult and if this doesn’t work, go tell someone else until you find help. At our school you can go to Mr. B, Mrs. Moylett, Mrs. Kendall, the school nurse, your teacher, and Mrs. Isberg.

In the end, bullying is a serious problem, but there are many ways to avoid it. 


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