How well do you know your Student Council?

by Lucy Narwhal and Stella Chimp

My partner and I wanted to get to know the new Student Council, but first, we had to get to know their advisor, Ms. Wren. We met with Ms. Wren and asked her some questions about her job. The first question we asked her, “What is your role in the Student Council?” She replied that she mostly helps pick the students and advises them.

Our second question was about how long she has been facilitating the council. Ms. Wren noted she had been working at Park Hill for eleven years, and the school has only had a Student Council for three years. And Ms. Wren has been the Student Council Facilitator for as long Student Council has existed. Our third question concerned other adults helping her. She said she gets help from the principal, Mr. B, Ms. M, and the fifth grade teachers.

The fourth question, “What do you love about doing Student Council?” She replied with a committed voice, ” I love to work with the kids and hear their ideas.”

Our fifth question was a regular one, “This year, what are your plans for the Student Council?” She replied, ” A lot of the same stuff as last year, but this year Student Council will help with the tour groups.”

The sixth was, “Student Council promotes many events, what is your favorite for this year?” Ms. Wren’s answer was, “I’m not sure right now.” Plain and simple.

Our seventh question was “Are there any new events for this year. She said that she doesn’t know yet.

The eight question was “Who are this year’s Student Council?” There are 16 members this year. Aumerion Blake, Mason Harper, Thomas Nash, Camden Revees, Ellena Kuhns, Paige Eastman, Fletcher Pepple, Jonathan Salvador, Gabriela Enriquez, Tihun Hann, Avery Owens, Sabrina Magennis, Colette Larson, Anna Taylor, Lucy Walker and Jaliyah Clark.

The ninth question was “How do students get selected?”  “They fill out the applications, and I pick the best ones.”

The tenth was ” What are their responsibilities?” She said that they plan the school events, lead assemblies, and lead tour groups.

The final question, “If you could change one thing about Student Council, what would it be?” She said that she wishes they could have more time to be at their meetings.

That was our interview with Mrs. Wren.
Park Hill Student Council 2018-2019




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