Park Hill Needs Composting

By: Zoe

    • Park Hill Elementary should definitely compost waste from the Panther Cafe (the school cafeteria).
  • Everyday, many kids eat hot lunch, and all of the food they don’t eat goes to waste. That is a lot of wasted food which should have been put to good use, such as composting for the school garden.
    • There are many environmental benefits from composting, such as providing nutrients for the garden and avoiding more trash for our too full landfills. Since Park Hill has a garden, a composting system would be good for the flowers and fruits and vegetables. WE SHOULD BE COMPOSTING.
  • Another benefit of composting is what kids learn from composting. Learning how to compost helps kids understand how to recycle and reuse materials. Kids are smart and want to keep their world clean and healthy plus composting would be a great learning experience for us.
    • Also, composting saves money because Park Hill families could come get compost for their gardens, which would save them money every year.
  • Without a doubt, Park Hill should definitely compost all of the fruits, vegetables, and other composting materials from the Panther Cafe

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Here is a link to a school composting guide.

Use this guide to give you more facts:

What is composting?

How does composting benefit the school, the neighborhood, and the world?

What tasks would happen every day if we composted?

What foods could we compost?

Where would we put the composting bin?

Who would be responsible for the composting program?


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