Park Hill Students start the morning with safety drills and end the morning with a real fire alarm

By: Zoe

Thursday morning, September 6th, at approximately 10:20 a.m., a radiator in room 108A  a small flame caused the fire alarms to scream. All the students and staff were quickly evacuated from the building to wait calmly for the fire to be extinguished.

The pieces of the radiator that caused the fire

No students were near the radiator, and the Denver Fire Department arrived quickly putting the fire completely out. This took almost 30 minutes, but the weather was quite pleasant and most people were enjoying conversations with their friends.

Later, when the fire was out, the principal decided to move the second grader’s lunch to the fifth grader’s lunch, so the chemicals on the first floor could air out. As a fifth grader, I was fine with the hour lunch difference, but others in my class were not so happy, and left the field complaining. (Mostly 5th graders were hungry which makes them a bit grouchy.) Finally, everybody went back to class and everyone settled down after an exciting morning.

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