Where Does the Color Red Come From?

By: Ramona Kitten

The color red is not just red. It is a primary color and no colors can be mix to get red. So how do we get red?


Red is a reflective color like all other colors. Think of an apple. The surface of the apple is reflecting the wavelength we see as red. We see visible colors based on wavelengths. The wavelengths of reflected light determine what colors you see. Light waves reflect off the object.


What is a reflective color???

All colors are reflective colors. Humans depend on light to see color. This is called the visible spectrum.


Is that why a dark room is black?

Have you ever notice when you are in a dark room you can’t see colors? Because the rods in our eyes (rods allow us to see in dim light) do not transmit color information to the brain. The cones in our eyes require more light to transmit color information to the brain which is why our bedroom looks black at night. To read more about night vision click on the NIGHT VISION Link.  

Does this mean black and white aren’t colors?


There are different beliefs about this but most scientists come to the conclusions that black is not a color. white, on the other hand is a color. White is a color because it is a mixture of all of the colors. So black is not a color and white is.



This is a red dot

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