Is There an Age Limit for Trick or Treating?

We asked seven students in 5th grade if they thought there should be an age limit on going Trick or Treating. They said “NO!” Finley, a student in Ms. Oxman’s class, angrily  responded, “No! That is outrageous! On the other side of the coin, Ms. Isberg, the Computer teacher at Park Hill, had this to say, “Kids should stop Trick or Treating at the age of 13.”

In some cities, yes, it’s true there is an age limit on Trick or Treating.

Chesapeake, Virginia says the answer to the trick or treat age question was “anyone over the age of 12” should not be trick or treating. Also, nine other towns in Virginia have made it illegal for teens to trick-or-treat; if they do go trick or treating, they will be fined $25 to $100 and/or up to six months in jail.

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Associated Press reports that officials in Meridian, Mississippi, Bishopville, South Carolina, and Boonsboro, Maryland, have set the cutoff age at 12 as well. “In 2017, Bathurst, a town in Canada, banned anyone older than 16.” ” Most kids naturally stop trick or treating around …the age of 16… and when they become teenagers, for example, “ew, me, dress up?.”

“Some parents believe they should preserve their kids’ childhood traditions as long as possible. This debate was the topic of a Today show segment in September 2017, and in an unofficial survey, 66% of viewers responded that there should be an age limit.” 

Age Limits Up For Discussion

Age limits, such as  night curfews, voting, driving, getting married or trick or treating, are part of a bigger push to limit pranks and vandalism by teens. “Some parents think that preventing older kids from participating in Halloween traditions will have the opposite effect.” 

Purpose of Curfew Laws

Curfew laws were enacted in Colorado to help keep minors under the age of 18 out of trouble and deter them from committing crimes. Such laws apply to minors once they are outside their homes in a public space, such as a local park, grocery store or traveling on local roads. Generally, they cannot be in these public spaces after a certain time, such as 9 p.m. However, exceptions to these restrictions may exist, such as when a minor is returning home from work or a school event. (



To find out about Denver curfew laws click here.



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