If Your Teacher Faints, What Do You Do?

By Norah

Wylie was wondering what do you do if a teacher faints:

Q.  “If a teacher fainted or had a medical emergency, what would you do first?”

  ” You would call 911,

                      NOT 9-911

Q. ” Why did Wylie think he should call 9-911?”

Well, normally, when you dial out, you would dial nine before dialing the phone number you are trying to call.  But for an emergency, all you have to do is call 911.

If Wylie was calling somebody inside the school, he would call the last 5 numbers of their phone number. For example, he would dial 44973 to ring Mrs. Mills.

Q. “What else would you do if your teacher fainted or needed help?”

You would get one person, and only ONE person, to go and get an office staff member. All the staff know how to help and how to do C.P.R.

(But,I would recommend Ms. Ann because she certified! Then listen to the adults and follow their instructions.)

If you have any other questions about

how to help a teacher with a medical emergency, ask your teacher.

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