The Literature Lover’s Book Reviews Vol. 1

By: Stella Chimp

Dear Literature Lover,

My teacher suggested I read “A World Below”; I was wondering if you have read this book and what did you think of the story and should I read this book or find a different book to read.

I like fantasy, science fiction, and historical novels.

Thank you,

Your fan Marigold

Dear Marigold,

I’m so glad you asked about “A World Below” by Wesley King, which is told in three different perspectives: Silvia, popular and pretty, but prone to panic attacks; Eric, whose goal is to stay isolated from his classmates, and Carlos, the boy king of an underground world.  

When Mr.Baker’s class falls through the ground of a underground cave,  the chance of surviving seemed pretty slim for the class – and especially for Eric, who was separated from the class during the fall. As they try to make their way back up, the class comes across many wonders and horrors. Eric meets Carlos, who offers to help Eric find the class and get back up to the surface. While the class tries to get back up to the surface, they have many scrapes with death. When Carlos and Eric find the class, half of them are stuck behind a wall of caved in rubble. Is the class ever dug out from behind the rocks?Does the class makes their way back up to the surface? The book ends hinting there might be a sequel, but none has shown up yet. Overall, this is a great book and I would highly recommend reading “A World Below” by Wesley King.


the Literature Lover

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