All About Horses

By: Emily Mustang and Josie Clydesdale

Horses are amazing animals. What is cool about horses is a lot of horses are free roaming but others are domesticated. Horses can walk, trot, lope, canter, and gallop.  Horses teeth never stop growing. Also horses have the largest eye of any kind of mammal.

In the Denver area, there is a riding organization called Westernaires. Here kids can learn how to ride and interact with horses. 

All About Foals

Foals know how to walk right after they are born. A foal is a baby horse that is less than year old. Foals starting eating solid food at 6 to 8 weeks old. Foals can be weaned from mother’s milk after 6 months but often nurse longer. A girl foal is called a filly and a boy foal is called a colt . Foals always have hair even at birth. 


A saddle is the part of tack that keeps you on the horse. The bridle is the part of tack that helps you let the horse know when you need it to stop. The part that goes on the horses hoof is called a horseshoe. You don’t need to put it on your horse but you might want to because more rocks get in the horses hoof which causes the horse to get hurt. The horseshoe provides hoof protection keeping rocks from getting in the hoof.  Some horses need hoof pads, It helps the horse  trot better and lope or canter. There is another part of tack you need to put onto the horse before the saddle, it is called the saddle pad. 





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