Girls on The Run

The Girls On The Run season is OVER

Girls on the Run is a running club helping girls with their emotions. But now the season is over. On Monday, November 12, 2018, the Girls on the Run team had their last Hurrah.

To celebrate the girls went around the school and hung up inspiring posters.  Sunday, November 11th, the girls ran a 5-k  (3.2 miles) in the snow. Candy run was more like a Snow Cone Run.

Our team consists of 18 girls and four coaches. The coaches are Ms. Horeis, Coach Kate, a Park Hill parent, Coach Carrie, a Park Hill parent, and Coach Bec, a generous volunteer. The girls are: Iliana, Lila, Camilla, Sophia, Kira, Annika, Zoe, Sadie, Olivia, Logan, Helina, Norah, Imogen, Iris, Margot, Marion, Ivy, and Leah.

As you walk around school please appreciate all of their posters; each girl put a ton of effort into each poster.

Tell your parents about Girls on the Run team because Ms. Horeis always needs volunteer coaches.    

Fun Time for the Girls on the Run team member during our end of the year PARTY.


On the ropes.


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On the Net.


Girls on the Run Team

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