The Holiday Spirit

Mrs. Moylett tells us about the holiday season!

What holiday do you celebrate: Christmas

Do you think Christmas is about giving or getting:  both

Have you ever gotten coal: No

What do you want for Christmas: A brown scarf

Ms. Kling talks about Hanukkah!

Hanukkah lasts eight nights. You light a candle every night. The candle holder is called a menorah. When you light the candle you have to say a blessing in hebrew. You don’t blow out the candles, you just let them die out.

On hanukkah you make a special meal called Latkes/ potato pancakes and for dessert they had sufganiyot / jelly doughnuts and they like to eat cheese because the Jewish had a lot of cheese when they ran away. On hanukkah they pass out chocolate coins to the children. It used to be real money.

The dreidel is a toy that they play. It looks like a top with four sides. You spin the dreidel and whatever sign you land on you do what it says. Sometimes you have to put “money” in the bowl or take money out.The goal is to get the most money.


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