The Literature Lover Vol. 3

By Stella Chimp

Dear Readers,

I have recently read “The Hundred Dresses” by Eleanor Estes and feel that it is an amazing and inspiring book. Wanda Petronski, a poor, Polish-American girl is constantly teased. The story is told from the point of Maddie, the best friend of Peggy, the most popular girl in school and the creator of the “Hundred Dresses” game that that all the girls play. One day, Wanda moves away and Maddie is struck with guilt for not apologizing to her for teasing her. One day, the class is surprised to find that Wanda has won the girl’s drawing competition for drawing not one, not two, but a hundred dresses! Maddie and Peggy decide to write a polite letter to Wands. Can she ever forgive them for their misdeeds?


This book is a heartwarming story that shows the importance of kindness. When I asked Ms. Lauth why she chose this book for the third graders to read, she replied “The reason I chose The Hundred Dresses is because when I was taking classes to become a teacher, we had to read this book. At that time, the book struck me and I’ve liked it ever since. It addresses issues that many students feel and can relate to, making it a good choice for deep discussion. I also love the illustrations – very unique. The vocabulary in the book is interesting because the book was written in the 1940’s and therefore many of the words used in the story are words that we seldom use today.” I found that this was a great choice and highly recommend reading it.


Until next time readers.  



       The Literature Lover

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