Knock, Knock! Who’s There?


By Mrs. Isberg

The 2019 Denver Shakespeare Festival was attended by nearly 60 — 5th grade students. Our Park Hill Players spent the “live long day”  (JULIUS CAESAR, ACT I, SCENE I) watching and participating in one of the largest district-based Shakespeare Festivals in the nation. 

“AS GOOD LUCK WOULD HAVE IT” (THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR, ACT III, SCENE V), I got to assist two of the Friday student groups become thespians. What fun! The students were fabulous, entertaining, and dedicated to bringing good theater to life.

The Thursday troupes, headed by Mr. Cowen, consisted of Adler, Angel, Annika, Aragon, Camila, Charlie, Colette, Camila, Estrella, Graham, Iris, Isaac, Jackson, Jaliyah, Josie, Kate, Khloe, Liam, Lily, Lucus, Lucy, Malayla, Mary, McKenna, Norah, Olivia, Paige, Quinn, Reeve, Samantha, Sophia, and Thomas.

The Friday troupes consisted of Ari, Audrey, Avery, Azul, Braxton, Camden, Caitlyn, Ramona, Victoria,  Graham, Greysen,  Fletcher, Gabriela, Eleanor, Elee, Emory, Ellena, Helina, Lucas, Marivel, Mason, Miles, Nadia, Nico, Oran, Reese, Reid, Stella, Tihun, and Wylie.

I filmed all six scenes done by the Friday troupe headed by Mrs. Mills.zYT5LqvtQA+WTaYrShZWpw

Here are the unedited movies for your entertainment:



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