Gates and Connelly Walking tour

Written By Marivel and Photographed By Jackson & Marivel

Ms. Gates and Ms. Connelly took their students downtown on a tour of Historical Denver. We took the RTD bus down Colfax Ave getting off at Union Station.

After we got off at Union Station, our tour guide came an introduced himself. His name was Jeff. Jeff took us to the Oxford Hotel, the Ice House, and other buildings. I thought the Ice House was interesting because at the bottom of two stair cases there was a mysterious dungeon-like room with a weird lamp on inside like a dungeon.

This tour certainly made us think about “Why is this here?” , “What was this used for?”, and “How did the builders make that?”.

I asked Mrs. Connelly why she does this field trip and she said “It connects to what the students are studying and helps the kids understand how a building changes over time and how transportation has changed over time.”

Enjoy the Panther Post Walking Tour Slide Show:

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