The Literature Lover Vol. 4

Dear Literature Lover,

I love adventure! And I don’t have anything to read. Do you have a book or book series you would recommend?

From: Elizabeth

Dear Elizabeth,

I have just the book for you, and this title is one of my personal favorites. It’s full of mystery, stranded grandparents, Antarctic accidents,  expressos, and one legged bold french girls. Please read The Doldrums by Nicholas Gannon.

Eleven year old Archer B. Helmsley longs for action packed adventures like the adventures his missing grandparents had before they went missing. Unfortunately, for Archer it is a challenge just to leave his house while his overprotective mother is making sure he doesn’t get stuck on an iceberg.

Archer doesn’t let his mom’s worries stop him from making a plan with his two friends. His friends, Aedélaïd L. Belmont — a French girl— and former dance prodigy whose leg might have been eaten by a crocodile, but maybe not, and Oliver Glub, who worries about everything so Archer doesn’t have to worry, embark with Archer to save his grandparents.

Together, the friends make a plan which leads to a true adventure. I’m not talking about a bad adventure. But certainly, nothing goes quite as expected.

This is is a beautifully crafted story about trial and error, and absolutely brimming to the rim with humor.

So, Elizabeth, no matter if your adventures are made of paper or real life, this is a great read.

Until next time readers.

The Literature Lover

(PS: if you liked the first Doldrums, then you should check out the the second, The Doldrums: The Helmsley Curse )

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