All Day Science with Ms. Gates!

By: Riley and Elee

Once or twice a year, Ms. Gate’s class gets a special visit from Professor Higgenbothom! A science teacher from England! We watched and observed the students for a few hours to learn Professor Higgenbothom’s methods! We’ve put together a collage of discovery which gives clues to Professor Higgenbothom’s methods!




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2 Comments on “All Day Science with Ms. Gates!

  1. Professor Higgenbothom here. I’m back in London, but thank you for popping by to snap the photos. They are a good likeness, really. Lovely to have you young student photographers attend the festivities and partake in the adventure that is, ALL*DAY*SCIENCE !!!

  2. Your class is lucky! Professor Higgenbothom Is an amazing educator!! You will benefit from her teaching the rest of your life!!

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