Mrs. Bixby Finds a New Home at Park Hill

Interviewed and written by Kayley and photographed by Harper

Park Hill Elementary would be incomplete without Mrs. Bixby! Mrs. Bixby has 15 years of experience with students, ECE through 5th grade. Last year, when she was with a different school, she worked as a social emotional learning coordinator and an instructional coach. She spent her time working with kindergarten and ESL.  

Mrs. Bixby has three kids of her own. They are in 3rd and 1st grade. Her girls all attend Park Hill Elementary. Our assistant principal Mrs. Bixby enjoys running in the park, spending time with her daughters, and visiting her family. 

Mrs. Bixby loves her job and she says “I enjoy working with students but I learned that I also like to work with teachers.” Mrs. Bixby really likes her job and says she would not like to be a principal. She loves being in education and helping out teachers and students. 

We asked her what she would change about Park Hill and she doesn’t want to change anything. I guess Park Hill is perfect. Honestly, this is Mrs. Bixby’s first year at Park Hill and there is a lot to learn in a new job.

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