Mr. Ferguson Our New 5th Grade Teacher

By Journee

On September 14, I interviewed Mr. Ferguson.

Teaching 5th grade along with his team, Mr. Ash, Mr. Cowen, and Mrs. Mills. 

Mr. Ferguson was born in Denver Colorado and has been teaching for almost twenty years and he loves teaching. Mr. Ferguson has always had a thing for teaching, it’s in  his bloodline, his parents were teachers. We are glad he wanted to be a teacher because his students really like him.

I asked him multiple questions about his life in Guatemala. He lived in Guatemala for nearly 2 years. Mr. Ferguson went to Guatemala for the adventure. Also, living in Guatemala provided a good environment for he and his son to perfect their Spanish.                      


Mr. Ferguson did not  go to school for teaching but for journalism. He had his mind set on being a journalist, like me now which I think that is really cool.

Ultimately, Mr. Ferguson decided to teach and changed careers.

Mr. Ferguson  likes to tell his son and his students to be proud of your work, work hard to be kind, and most importantly, have fun.

Mr. Ferguson is a great asset to our Park Hill school.


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