Dancing With Ms. Nonino



By Jordan and Drake

Ms. Nonino is an amazing teacher and member of our Park Hill community. She does live in the Park Hill community. Her favorite thing about Park Hill is the community’s generosity, open mindedness, and diverse community. Her last name is Italian. 

Drake and I asked her where she went to college and what her degree was in. Well, she went to the University of California in Santa Cruz for Theater Arts. She was born in Denver, Colorado. She has had plenty of different job other than teaching, for instance she been a babysitter, she has taught 5th grade thru middle school, but her dream job is to be on Broadway. 

Ms. Nonino loves to dance because she has always loved to dance. She wanted to be a dance teacher all her live and that is what she is now. Ms. Nonino loves sharing her passion for theater and dance with kids. She wanted to share with parents that she believes anyone can dance and everyone can learn to love dancing, her best dance student used their wheelchair to dance. 

Ms. Nonino loves creating theater and dance pieces with students and she loves collaborating with students. Her favorite dance move is the Tribhangi in Odissi.

Lastly, we asked if you could live anywhere, where would you live. Ms. Nonino would like to live in Italy, Bali or India or better yet split her time between the three countries.


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