Ms. Strumor and Robotics

Written by: Audrey and Photographed by: Harper

Ms. Strumor was born in Sante Fe, New Mexico on February 16, 1988. She went to the University of Oregon and studied education. Ms. Strumor has been teaching for ten years. She loves the Park Hill community because everyone is very friendly and participates in community activities. If she could change anything about Park Hill Elementary, she would add more computer science so that kids could do more coding. 

Ms. Strumor’s class gets to do robotics. Ms. Strumor wanted her class to do robotics because she says that it is an important life skill that can help you get a job, and it is super fun. Ms. Strumor’s class even has their own robot, Spok! In robotics class, her students learn block coding and test robots and code them to move or do an activity. 

Ms. Strumor doesn’t have any pets but she wants a Great Pyrenees dog. Ms. Strumor’s dream job would be to be a professional traveler so that she could visit every where in the world!



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