Student Council Helping their Community

By Cate 

This month student council is working on school assemblies, Ronald McDonald drive, and Box Tops! The assemblies we are hosting are going to be about how to be thankful and grateful.  WHAT will be in late October? 

The Ronald McDonald house is a place where sick children are taken care of and their parents and family can stay with them for free because some people don’t have enough money to stay in a hotel or because they would like to stay with their child. It is important to support them because it helps parents. Kids who stay there have cancer. It is located in Denver Colorado.We will be collecting 50 gallon trash bags and dish detergent for the Ronald McDonald House. 

We will also be making box top posters letting everyone know to bring in boxtops to help raise money for school. For each box top we bring in we get 10c which is donated to are school.  


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