Adventurous Story Where A Kid Saves His Friends From Danger

By  the Book Curator

Today’s Panther Post Book review is talking about a young adult science fiction book called “ The Maze Runner”. It has lots of action, mystery, and lots of cliffhangers. 

In the story, a boy, Thomas, wakes up in a small, stuffy, dark, caged elevator going up. He does not remember his life, family, or where he lived. The only thing he remembers is his name. Thirty minutes later, the elevator stops and the top of the dark elevators opens with a blinding light. Suddenly, Thomas could hear a group of boys talking all at once. It took several minutes before Thomas’s eyes adjusted and he could actually see his new surroundings. Two boys pull Thomas up out of the elevator. What he first sees is a humongous field several times larger than a football field. Thomas looks around. He sees animals, crops, and poorly built houses. Thomas learns he was transported to a place called the Glade.

As the story progresses, Thomas learns about the Glade and learns about a monster called a Griever. A griever is part machine, part animal. The Griever has a metal tail with a spike at the end. Thomas learns not to get stung by them. Then later in the story, Thomas becomes a maze runner  because he thinks the place is a horror show and he thinks he knows the way through the maze. And that is why he runs the maze to find a way out and to save himself and his friends.

Read this book and the others in the series and you too will experience the action, adventure, and high suspense you get when you read a good tale.

Lastly, I really like this book and the movie but the book is way more descriptive. “The Maze Runner”is amazing and cool. I will give the book a 5 star rating because it is really grabs your attention and has really scary scenes that will make a chill run down your spine and hold your breath with excitement!

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