What is Veterans Day?

By: Adelaide

Veterans Day is a public holiday, held on November 11, in honor of the victims of all wars. It was originally called Armistice Day, celebrating the end of World War I, but when World War II occurred, Congress changed the name to “Veterans” to acknowledge all victims who fought in the war. Veterans day is an opportunity to thank all Veterans of the wars. 

We commonly celebrate Veterans Day by finding a way to serve our community. Every community has an organization or organizations who focuses on supporting military veterans and families. Volunteers hand out supplies to Veteran homeless shelters and raise appreciation for these lifesaving heroes. 

Another way people support Veterans, is helping the Veterans share their stories. These stories are told with respect and empathy, telling about their sacrifices. The telling of these nonfiction stories is a common celebrating method. 

The best way you can celebrate Veterans Day is by serving the community and sharing their stories. 

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