STOP! You’re Eating it Wrong!!!


By: Audrey

Strawberries are an extremely common fruit, so there are many different opinions on how to eat them properly. 

First is the ordinary way to eat strawberries by removing the leafy part and then eating the fruit. BORING! And some people take a bite out of the bottom and throw away the rest. WASTEFUL!

Here is another method for eating Strawberries but I do not condone the use of straws. This is because straws are BAD for the environment.

The straw way to eat strawberries is to take a fat straw and stick it in the bottom of the strawberry. Then, push it through the top. The straw should come up through the calyx, which is the green leafy part on the top of the strawberry. Then, you can throw the calyx away and eat the whole strawberry.

A new way to eat Strawberries is to carve a little hole into the top of the strawberry. The hole should go around the calyx, as if you were carving a pumpkin. Next, throw away the calyx. Finally, you can fill the hole with whipped cream, peanut butter, honey, chocolate, or anything else you think would go well with strawberries. This new method is called Fragola Audrey, which is a word in Italian which means strawberry. Keep in mind you can try this method with other berries too!Cheesecake-Stuffed-Strawberries-Fifteen-Spatulas-1-640x424



How to eat ramen like a PRO!

By: Ty pizza rolls

   You know that you are eating ramen wrong. You may be cooking it on the stove or in the microwave, but you actually boil water and pour water in the noodles and let it cook. Then after it cooks you put a piece of cheese in it and let it melt. This may take up to 12 mins. You shouldn’t have put in the seasoning or sauce. This is when you put in the sauce and seasoning. Then this is optional, you can add about 2  spoonfuls of ranch. Then you mix it all up and ENJOY!

how to eat ramen like a PRO!

How to eat all kinds of popcorn

By: Jordan

Popcorn of all kinds can be messy. There have been studies about how you should eat popcorn. 

Going back a few days ago I got butter popcorn and started eating it with chopsticks.

I love it a lot and with chopsticks it made popcorn more fun to eat. I spent days doing this and after eating cheese popcorn it has helped me from getting orange fingers. I loved this idea, but the fun hasn’t ended there you can do this with any popcorn. With caramel popcorn no more sticky fingers, too!

Fact: Popcorn was used in the 1500s as headdresses for indians  



By: Bella


The kiwi fruit is a green seedy fruit with a brown hairy skin. There has been a debate on whether to eat the hairy, nutritious skin of the fruit. Now most people slice it up and bite in like it is an orange. If you are one of those people I’m here to tell you STOP YOU ARE EATING IT WRONG!!!!!!!!  


There are several ways to eat a kiwi. 

Here’s how to sloop your kiwi according to the California Kiwi Fruit Organization (


Using a sharp knife, slice the kiwifruit lengthwise to create two identical halves. Then use a spoon to scoop the sweet, delicious meat of the kiwifruit from each half. 


Or try these 3 methods I found on YouTube

Did you know that a kiwi fruit has nearly two-and-a-half times the recommended daily allowance of vitamin C. A kiwi a day is even better than an apple to keep the doctor away. 


The last way is just bite! 



So with all the information I have given you JUST EAT THE SKIN and stay healthy. 😉  


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