The Day in the Life of Mrs. Euser

Written by: Dalila  and Photographed and edited by: Audrey

Mrs. Euser is a 4th grade teacher at our school. Her favorite subject in high school was art. She went to the University of Northern Colorado and has a degree in elementary education. She came to Park Hill Elementary because of the wonderful community.

Mrs. Euser has been teaching for 14 years and being with kids has inspired her to teach. For her, the biggest difference between second and fourth grade is fourth grade is more independent. If Mrs. Euser could be any animal for a day, she would be a dog, so this way she could sleep all day.

Mrs. Euser would want to be Kim Kardashian if she could trade places with anyone in the world for one day. She also enjoys reading and doing homework with her two children.

IMG_0106Mrs. Euser believes  hard work and praise is the way to go whether the student is right or wrong.

The one thing Mrs. Euser would change about Park Hill is to add air conditioning.

Other than that she loves her students, her para, her classroom, and she extremely loves Park Hill.      

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