The New Fourth Grade Teacher

By: Adelaide and Ty

Ms. Demos was born in Aurora, Colorado, and now lives in Arvada. She does not have any kids, but had one cat named Sissy. Ms. Demos liked her cat’s snuggles. 

If Ms. Demos could have any job she wanted, she would choose to be a tap dancer, and her favorite animal is any type of monkey because they are literally entertaining. 

Ms. Demos graduated in May of 2018, and her degree was in Early Childhood Education (ECE). Her favorite class in high school was chemistry, because her teacher was kind, super funny, and always made her laugh.

Pizza is Ms. Demos’ favorite food because you get to choose any kinds of toppings. Her favorite thing to do when she is not working is hiking and going to country concerts. Ms. Demos’ favorite musician is Florida Georgia Line, who sang Cruise. She likes this because the song draws her to a happy mood.

Our community is what persuaded Ms. Demos to become a 4th grade teacher. Before she was a teacher, she was a nanny and a substitute teacher. She wanted to teach 4th grade because the kids are at an age where they are transitioning from learning a skill to using the skill to create deeper understandings, also, students are learning to be more respectful of differences. If Ms. Demos had to choose between being a principal or an assistant principal, she would choose neither; she only wants to be a great teacher. 

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