The Idea of the Clyfford Still Museum

Written By: Jordan     Photography By: Drake and Jordan

The Park Hill 5th graders went to the Clyfford Still Museum on November 12, 2019. The goal for this field trip was to learn about Clyfford Still. Another reason we went was    Ms. Mills set up the field trip with the museum. Going to museums make us experience something new, usually we are stuck at school learning the basic things like reading, writing, math and social studies. 

At the Clyfford Still Museum we learned how art can have meaning and we learned about Clyfford’s life. To me the Clyfford Still museum was a great learning experience, as an artist I learned about how to perfect art. I got to see close up how precise his drawing layouts were of the pictures that don’t look realistic.  

Ever since I went to the museum, when I draw, I have looked at art a little differently . Also, as we toured the museum I felt I had a better understanding of what he was going through, how he was feeling, and why he created the paintings the way he did.

I do have some feedback for the museum: The museum could have another way of teaching use about Clyfford.


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