A Dog’s Promise; A Book Review

By: Audrey

Recently, I read a book titled “A Dog’s Promise” by W. Bruce Cameron which I would not recommend. The book was extremely repetitive, which is outrageous, considering it is 317 pages of the same thing over and over! The author could have easily taken out at least one hundred pages so we wouldn’t have to read the same thing over and over again. 

The book was overpriced. Considering it was on sale at Barnes & Noble for 50% off the original price of $26.00 you would have thought I had got a bargain. No bargain because this book should have sold for a lot less than $13.00.

The reviews all suggest it is an outstanding book, and in my opinion those reviews were all WRONG! I was actually excited about this book because it is a sequel to “A Dog’s Purpose” and that was made an amazing movie. I bought the book because of the movie, but I haven’t read the first book. 

The book is about a husky dog who helps a kid named Burke. Burke is in a wheelchair. The story line of a dog helping a paraplegic boy makes for a very sweet story. 

This story is about the husky named Cooper who has a mate named Lacey; the two dogs met and fell in love at the shelter.  Lacey is Wenling’s dog, (see below). This story revolves around Cooper helping Burke with his wheelchair, and Lacey and Cooper finding each other. But, these two dogs keep getting separated because they run away to find each other, and their owners always bring them back. Then they find each other again and again. 

And then the repetition continues.The first time Cooper finds Lacey again was so heartbreaking and beautiful because they had puppies. Then, Cooper and Lacey die and come back in a different body and find each other AGAIN and AGAIN every single time they die (which is a lot of deaths). 

Then, a girl named Wenling decides to date Burke. But, they break up, so she dates his brother named Grant, and the two boys get in a huge fight. Then, this happens again with a girl named Ava! So much repetition! Why the author did this, I don’t know, because we’ve already seen all of these events before. 

In conclusion, this book had a sweet story, yet a lot of repetition.

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