Pandas die as human population grows


by Dale

If pandas could talk, they would tell you they are sad. Pandas are losing their homes to humans taking their land and bamboo . This is a problem for pandas. 

Without their habitats pandas don’t have a place to live or bamboo to eat. People need to stop building more buildings and use the ones they have already built. This way, people can give pandas back their homes.pandahabitat_map2

 People need to use less products from bamboo but also cut back on using plastic. 

As a solution,  people should use more metal or glass products. Although bamboo products are biodegradable and are better than using plastic it is made from pandas food.

 Imagine pandas burned down your house, destroyed your vegetable garden and made toothbrushes out of your children. Then, pandas are taking your food and you wouldn’t like it that very much. This what people are doing to pandas.

In 2014, the world had 1,864 pandas in the wild. In 2019, the human population was 7.271 billion. Panda population is a tiny, itsy, bitsy little part of the human population.11 In fact, their population percentage is so small I can’t type all the zeros after the decimal point without wanting to cry. 

Is it really that hard to leave animal’s property alone? NO! Come on people, let pandas be part of the world too.    

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