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Tech Poem

by Jude I don’t want the truth; I just want Bluetooth. Is there any wifi in Rome? No, but there’s Xfinity at home, When the Youtube, has a weird cube, and I’m a tech guy, who’s at Best buy The end

Kind Heart Project of 2020

Panther Post Staff On February 17th, the Nation celebrates Kindness. In February, Park Hill students and staff celebrated kindness by painting the cinderblock walls on the 2nd floor of west wing of the school building. Nearly 760 individuals over the course of three weeks… Continue Reading “Kind Heart Project of 2020”

Plastic not so Fantastic

By Logan

Pandas die as human population grows

by Dale If pandas could talk, they would tell you they are sad. Pandas are losing their homes to humans taking their land and bamboo . This is a problem for pandas.  Without their habitats pandas don’t have a place to live or bamboo… Continue Reading “Pandas die as human population grows”

A Dog’s Promise; A Book Review

By: Audrey Recently, I read a book titled “A Dog’s Promise” by W. Bruce Cameron which I would not recommend. The book was extremely repetitive, which is outrageous, considering it is 317 pages of the same thing over and over! The author could have… Continue Reading “A Dog’s Promise; A Book Review”

1st Grade Holiday Performance & Spaghetti

By Panther Post Staff (Please click on the photo to view Movie which will open in a new tab.) Music…Deck the Halls by Louis Landon and Deck the Halls by Michael Dulin  

Can Park Hill be Green?

Written by Gillian, and Edited by Dalila We are working on getting greener. At Park Hill, we have a volunteer reuse and recycle mindset. We recycle and reuse by separating trash into recyclable items which we place into the Denver Recycling Program blue bins… Continue Reading “Can Park Hill be Green?”

The Idea of the Clyfford Still Museum

Written By: Jordan     Photography By: Drake and Jordan The Park Hill 5th graders went to the Clyfford Still Museum on November 12, 2019. The goal for this field trip was to learn about Clyfford Still. Another reason we went was    Ms. Mills… Continue Reading “The Idea of the Clyfford Still Museum”

Mrs. Miller’s Future Entrepreneurs

Written By: Adelaide and Jack Photos By: Audrey We asked A few kindergarteners what they want to be when they grow up, and this is what they said. . .

Halloween Ghost and Goblins BEWARE

Please click on the photo to view Halloween Movie. Photos by Adelaide, Bella, Cate, Cody, Drake, Jack, Jordan, Jude,  Kaati, Kayley, and Ty Music by Journee and Dalila Movie Editing by Audrey & Mrs. Isberg