No More Girls V.S. Boys

I have some amazing friends who really believe in not having sports with the teams divided between girls and boys. They told the class about the unfairness of boys versus girls, and they started a protest. Many students signed the petition. Iris and Victoria thought it was a success.

But are there still problems between the two genders? Are they right or should there be girls V.S Boys?

Don’t worry we can do girl versus boy teams every once in a while JUST NOT ALL THE TIME.



Green Machine contest



Can your ideas change the world?

The Panther Post is  looking for future inventors to help us invent a GREEN MACHINE!


A winner from each grade!

Your idea can be a sketch, a model, a video presentation or just a written piece about your invention. Be sure to include your name, grade, school gmail or student ID and what your machine is made of, and how it will help keep our earth healthy. You may work in teams of up to three and no more. 


Whatever your project is, get your project to Room 219 (Computer Lab) on or before May 1 2018.


Prizes? Yes!

  1. Present your idea to a Kinder class
  2. Earn an extra 30 minute recess with 3 friends
  3. Share your idea on our school website


Happy Inventing!


Expectations of 5th grade/ What you get

Seems like fourth graders are excited about going to 5th grade. They want lots of fun field trips. They want either Ms.Shockley or Ms.Mills. But one of the 5th grader I talked to just loves Mr. Cowen; you can’t underestimate any of the 5th grade teachers.

Here are a few student interviews:

Watch Out Fourth Graders seems like 5th grade is really fun!


bHave you ever been curious about our school’s boiler room?

Well, this is your chance to learn all about it. 

First, you need to know where it is located.

The boiler room is located on the first floor in room 109.

Below is a picture of the 100-year-old original cement artifacts from our school.


Boiler Controls and Pressure Valves
Boilers that heat most of the school.

Above you can see many different machines in the boiler room; the blue machines are the boilers. 


This is the ladder leads into the janitor’s living quarters.IMG_0525

Mrs. Horeis Interview By Fletcher & Rigo

What is the hardest thing about being a teacher?

Answer: Going over rules


How long have you’ve been teaching?

Answer: 14 years

What do you enjoy about being a teacher?

Answer: Kids’ enthusiasm

Do you ever work with other teachers?

Answer: Used to work with music teacher.

What was the funniest experience you had during gym class?

Answer: Found a pair of underwear after gym class.

Do you have any kids going to Park Hill?

Answer: Yes.

Do you teach any enrichments?

Answer: Yes, Girls on the Run.

Has being a gym teacher affected you?

Answer: Yes, being around kids makes me much happier.

What is your favorite sport to teach?

Answer: All of them.

Can you tell us something about you that most people don’t know?

Answer: I worked in Antarctica for 17 months.

Superstitions, Lucky Things, Do You Have Them?

By Ariana 

Τhere are so many different kinds of superstitions: black cats being bad luck, Friday the thirteenth, four leaf clovers, golden horse shoes, walking under ladders, picking up penny, breaking glass, and opening umbrellas inside.

Do you know about any superstitions?

Please share in our comments section. We’re interested!




Homework and Sleep

As most fifth graders know, we sent out a survey on homework and sleep. Some of the results were shocking. The results surprised us because many 5th graders like homework or think it’s necessary. Although, most people think homework is useless there are ups and downs of having homework and having sleep.

Here are some of the results.

Copy of Copy of Homework vs sleep2 - Google Docs

The results are fairly varied, only 58.2% said “yes, no homework would help me sleep.” We predicted that more than 80% would say would say that. The fact that “maybe” is more than half as large as the “yes” category is quite interesting to us. Here are more results.

Copy of Homework vs sleep1 - Google Docs

This one was more predictable, but if you see the one answer I don’t think homework is useless but I don’t think it’s necessary either, this interested us because this person doesn’t see a good use for homework but also doesn’t see a reason why it shouldn’t exist.

Copy of Homework vs sleep3 - Google Docs

With this, more people put their own answers, which means that they have a different opinion about when school should end and whether there should be homework or not. Many of the responses were saying that homework should not be part of the school routine.


2018 Lets Do This!!










Maestra Acosta Interview By Norah and Rigo

In Spanish, the most important words or phrases you need to know are:

  • Por favor y gracias. (Please and thank you).
  • ¿Quero? (What and then you say what you want).
  • ¿Donde está el baño? (Where is the bathroom?)

Maestro Acosta was born in Kimball, Nebraska. She has two favorite memories, both happened during 3rd grade in Ms.Peter’s class. One of them is when her teacher read the book The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien. “It was so memorable,” she said. The other one is when her friend got his head stuck inside his desk. “It was sad but we got a good laugh out of it!” she exclaimed.

When she was 18, Maestra Acosta started studying Spanish. She went to a small culture arts school and her bachelor degree is in Spanish. This is her 11th year of teaching Spanish and this is her second year at Park Hill. She likes teaching because it helps her stay in touch with her childhood.

If Maestra Acosta could have another job she’d be a gardener. Maestra Acosta is fluent in English and Spanish.

Please listen to the complete interview below.

As a reporter, I would like to thank Maestra Acosta for letting us interview her. Please enjoy the video of her interview.

Gannon Wins!

By: Madeleine

       A few weeks ago I had an interview with Gannon. In a fifth grade class, some pieces were entered to a magazine, named StoryWorks. One piece won in the fifth grade class, Gannon. Scroll down to see the winning piece. Q1. How did you find out about the competition? A1. While reading a StoryWorks Magazine I saw that there was a competition and wrote a piece on accepting yourself. The article that I read was called Freddie and the Shades. Q2. Who gave you the award and what is it for? A2. The award was for winning the writing competition and Laura Tarshis, from StoryWorks and she gave me the award. Q3. What kind of prize did you get? A3. I got a book called Echo, by Pam Munoz Ryan. Q4. What inspired you to write the piece that you did? A4. I love writing and there was a competition and it was very exciting to me. Q5. What is your favorite genre to write? And why? A5. Realistic  Fiction stories that happened to me or other people and most of the time Realistic Stories are my favorite genre. The answers for this interview were spoken by me or by Gannon.

Are you wondering if you can read the winning piece? The next sentence is going to have the winning piece.


Dear Journal,

I learned a very valuable lesson this year. I thought Minnesota was going to be terrible and that my glasses would stay on permanently. I soon learned that I was completely wrong. At first, I hated everything that was going on and the sudden change was too much for me. My life was all perfect until Dad married Maggie and everything was different. Then, Maggie was pregnant and we were moving to Minnesota. Everything was just happening too fast! I decided that I would have sunglasses to protect me. I thought I might ever take them off until I met Amy. All she wanted was to get to know me. I met her cousins and became friends with them too. When I got a job at Snickerdoodle’s Bakery, I got to see Amy much more. I never really knew much about her until I found out she was leaving until December. Amy changed me and my opinion on things. When she was leaving, I realized my glasses didn’t help and I haven’t needed them since. During all of this, I realized that change can seem terrible but, you can make yourself happy. You can have a life you never knew possible. You can start a new beginning of great you ever imagined. Life may seem horrible but, there is always room to make it better. If you really try you can turn anger and sadness into joy and make your life content. Change is amazing and without it, I would not be having the life I am having now. Things are better than ever before.

– Freddie