Dancing With Ms. Nonino



By Jordan and Drake

Ms. Nonino is an amazing teacher and member of our Park Hill community. She does live in the Park Hill community. Her favorite thing about Park Hill is the community’s generosity, open mindedness, and diverse community. Her last name is Italian. 

Drake and I asked her where she went to college and what her degree was in. Well, she went to the University of California in Santa Cruz for Theater Arts. She was born in Denver, Colorado. She has had plenty of different job other than teaching, for instance she been a babysitter, she has taught 5th grade thru middle school, but her dream job is to be on Broadway. 

Ms. Nonino loves to dance because she has always loved to dance. She wanted to be a dance teacher all her live and that is what she is now. Ms. Nonino loves sharing her passion for theater and dance with kids. She wanted to share with parents that she believes anyone can dance and everyone can learn to love dancing, her best dance student used their wheelchair to dance. 

Ms. Nonino loves creating theater and dance pieces with students and she loves collaborating with students. Her favorite dance move is the Tribhangi in Odissi.

Lastly, we asked if you could live anywhere, where would you live. Ms. Nonino would like to live in Italy, Bali or India or better yet split her time between the three countries.


Mr. Ferguson Our New 5th Grade Teacher

By Journee

On September 14, I interviewed Mr. Ferguson.

Teaching 5th grade along with his team, Mr. Ash, Mr. Cowen, and Mrs. Mills. 

Mr. Ferguson was born in Denver Colorado and has been teaching for almost twenty years and he loves teaching. Mr. Ferguson has always had a thing for teaching, it’s in  his bloodline, his parents were teachers. We are glad he wanted to be a teacher because his students really like him.

I asked him multiple questions about his life in Guatemala. He lived in Guatemala for nearly 2 years. Mr. Ferguson went to Guatemala for the adventure. Also, living in Guatemala provided a good environment for he and his son to perfect their Spanish.                      


Mr. Ferguson did not  go to school for teaching but for journalism. He had his mind set on being a journalist, like me now which I think that is really cool.

Ultimately, Mr. Ferguson decided to teach and changed careers.

Mr. Ferguson  likes to tell his son and his students to be proud of your work, work hard to be kind, and most importantly, have fun.

Mr. Ferguson is a great asset to our Park Hill school.


Mrs. Bixby Finds a New Home at Park Hill

Interviewed and written by Kayley and photographed by Harper

Park Hill Elementary would be incomplete without Mrs. Bixby! Mrs. Bixby has 15 years of experience with students, ECE through 5th grade. Last year, when she was with a different school, she worked as a social emotional learning coordinator and an instructional coach. She spent her time working with kindergarten and ESL.  

Mrs. Bixby has three kids of her own. They are in 3rd and 1st grade. Her girls all attend Park Hill Elementary. Our assistant principal Mrs. Bixby enjoys running in the park, spending time with her daughters, and visiting her family. 

Mrs. Bixby loves her job and she says “I enjoy working with students but I learned that I also like to work with teachers.” Mrs. Bixby really likes her job and says she would not like to be a principal. She loves being in education and helping out teachers and students. 

We asked her what she would change about Park Hill and she doesn’t want to change anything. I guess Park Hill is perfect. Honestly, this is Mrs. Bixby’s first year at Park Hill and there is a lot to learn in a new job.

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All Day Science with Ms. Gates!

By: Riley and Elee

Once or twice a year, Ms. Gate’s class gets a special visit from Professor Higgenbothom! A science teacher from England! We watched and observed the students for a few hours to learn Professor Higgenbothom’s methods! We’ve put together a collage of discovery which gives clues to Professor Higgenbothom’s methods!




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Mizel Walk Through

By Elee, Riley, and Ramona

Mobile cases hold a large selection of cultural possessions that invite students to explore similarities and differences among a variety traditions. The cases hold artifacts that show traditions that celebrate major life events. Like the way milestones are marked among different cultures by certain events, such as birth, marriage, and death, that are shared by people everywhere. Common and unique themes explain celebrations, special events and family traditions in many cultures. Music, costumes, masks, dolls, food and community participation among the cultures.


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Mrs. Neale’s Kindergarteners visit the art museum

Written by: Addie and Riley

Photos by: Addie and Riley

We went with Mrs. Neale’s kindergarten class to the Denver Art Museum. We saw lots of awesome art and are excited to share our lovely experience!


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3rd Graders go to the Botanical Gardens

By Elee, Riley, and Stella


Recently, the third graders  went to the Botanic Gardens. Check out all the fun they had!!


Loaves for Cloves

By: Riley and Ramona

Cloves syndrome, is a disease that only around 500 people in the world have. The definition of this rare syndrome is a “disorder characterized by tissue overgrowth and complex vascular anomalies.” Or when your muscles tighten in one part of your body. It is a genetic disorder.

One of the Park Hill students has Cloves. Her mom sold loaves of bread, packages of cookies, and jewelry, to raise money for Cloves research.

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Denver Art Museum with Maes and Miller

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These are pictures from the Denver Art Museum  with the kindergarteners. These kids learned about different styles of art and got to make some art themselves.


Written and Photographed by,

Norah and Victoria

The Literature Lover Vol. 4

Dear Literature Lover,

I love adventure! And I don’t have anything to read. Do you have a book or book series you would recommend?

From: Elizabeth

Dear Elizabeth,

I have just the book for you, and this title is one of my personal favorites. It’s full of mystery, stranded grandparents, Antarctic accidents,  expressos, and one legged bold french girls. Please read The Doldrums by Nicholas Gannon.

Eleven year old Archer B. Helmsley longs for action packed adventures like the adventures his missing grandparents had before they went missing. Unfortunately, for Archer it is a challenge just to leave his house while his overprotective mother is making sure he doesn’t get stuck on an iceberg.

Archer doesn’t let his mom’s worries stop him from making a plan with his two friends. His friends, Aedélaïd L. Belmont — a French girl— and former dance prodigy whose leg might have been eaten by a crocodile, but maybe not, and Oliver Glub, who worries about everything so Archer doesn’t have to worry, embark with Archer to save his grandparents.

Together, the friends make a plan which leads to a true adventure. I’m not talking about a bad adventure. But certainly, nothing goes quite as expected.

This is is a beautifully crafted story about trial and error, and absolutely brimming to the rim with humor.

So, Elizabeth, no matter if your adventures are made of paper or real life, this is a great read.

Until next time readers.

The Literature Lover

(PS: if you liked the first Doldrums, then you should check out the the second, The Doldrums: The Helmsley Curse )