2019 Movie Night!

By Kaati Kiwi

Every year at Park Hill Elementary a big event takes place called movie night! If you didn’t go, don’t worry, we will fill you in on this crazy night. The first thing they did was get safety patrol to make sure no one snuck into our school. But kids did sneak into the other school next door by climbing over the fence others went through the gate.

The movie we watched was called “The Secret Life of Pets 2”. The donuts were the best donuts I’ve ever had; in my opinion that is. These donuts were splendid because there were so many types and flavors and delicious. Different food trucks came with sushi, tacos, ice cream, and other foods.

After many interviews I just wanted to give a shoutout to Josh for donating $200 to Mrs. Peterson. Many other people donated, we are thankful to all the people who support Park Hill.

Many 6th graders who attended Park Hill last year were running around, having fun at this yearly tradition like the rest of us. A few minutes after the movie started kids started playing Ga Ga ball even until after the food trucks and food stands went away.

Unfortunately that is all I have to tell you about Movie Night and hopefully you now know a little about this fun fun night. So hope to see you there next year! Enjoy the slide show.


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Student Council Helping their Community

By Cate 

This month student council is working on school assemblies, Ronald McDonald drive, and Box Tops! The assemblies we are hosting are going to be about how to be thankful and grateful.  WHAT will be in late October? 

The Ronald McDonald house is a place where sick children are taken care of and their parents and family can stay with them for free because some people don’t have enough money to stay in a hotel or because they would like to stay with their child. It is important to support them because it helps parents. Kids who stay there have cancer. It is located in Denver Colorado.We will be collecting 50 gallon trash bags and dish detergent for the Ronald McDonald House. 

We will also be making box top posters letting everyone know to bring in boxtops to help raise money for school. For each box top we bring in we get 10c which is donated to are school.  


Ms. Strumor and Robotics

Written by: Audrey and Photographed by: Harper

Ms. Strumor was born in Sante Fe, New Mexico on February 16, 1988. She went to the University of Oregon and studied education. Ms. Strumor has been teaching for ten years. She loves the Park Hill community because everyone is very friendly and participates in community activities. If she could change anything about Park Hill Elementary, she would add more computer science so that kids could do more coding. 

Ms. Strumor’s class gets to do robotics. Ms. Strumor wanted her class to do robotics because she says that it is an important life skill that can help you get a job, and it is super fun. Ms. Strumor’s class even has their own robot, Spok! In robotics class, her students learn block coding and test robots and code them to move or do an activity. 

Ms. Strumor doesn’t have any pets but she wants a Great Pyrenees dog. Ms. Strumor’s dream job would be to be a professional traveler so that she could visit every where in the world!



Dancing With Ms. Nonino



By Jordan and Drake

Ms. Nonino is an amazing teacher and member of our Park Hill community. She does live in the Park Hill community. Her favorite thing about Park Hill is the community’s generosity, open mindedness, and diverse community. Her last name is Italian. 

Drake and I asked her where she went to college and what her degree was in. Well, she went to the University of California in Santa Cruz for Theater Arts. She was born in Denver, Colorado. She has had plenty of different job other than teaching, for instance she been a babysitter, she has taught 5th grade thru middle school, but her dream job is to be on Broadway. 

Ms. Nonino loves to dance because she has always loved to dance. She wanted to be a dance teacher all her live and that is what she is now. Ms. Nonino loves sharing her passion for theater and dance with kids. She wanted to share with parents that she believes anyone can dance and everyone can learn to love dancing, her best dance student used their wheelchair to dance. 

Ms. Nonino loves creating theater and dance pieces with students and she loves collaborating with students. Her favorite dance move is the Tribhangi in Odissi.

Lastly, we asked if you could live anywhere, where would you live. Ms. Nonino would like to live in Italy, Bali or India or better yet split her time between the three countries.


Mr. Ferguson Our New 5th Grade Teacher

By Journee

On September 14, I interviewed Mr. Ferguson.

Teaching 5th grade along with his team, Mr. Ash, Mr. Cowen, and Mrs. Mills. 

Mr. Ferguson was born in Denver Colorado and has been teaching for almost twenty years and he loves teaching. Mr. Ferguson has always had a thing for teaching, it’s in  his bloodline, his parents were teachers. We are glad he wanted to be a teacher because his students really like him.

I asked him multiple questions about his life in Guatemala. He lived in Guatemala for nearly 2 years. Mr. Ferguson went to Guatemala for the adventure. Also, living in Guatemala provided a good environment for he and his son to perfect their Spanish.                      


Mr. Ferguson did not  go to school for teaching but for journalism. He had his mind set on being a journalist, like me now which I think that is really cool.

Ultimately, Mr. Ferguson decided to teach and changed careers.

Mr. Ferguson  likes to tell his son and his students to be proud of your work, work hard to be kind, and most importantly, have fun.

Mr. Ferguson is a great asset to our Park Hill school.


Mrs. Bixby Finds a New Home at Park Hill

Interviewed and written by Kayley and photographed by Harper

Park Hill Elementary would be incomplete without Mrs. Bixby! Mrs. Bixby has 15 years of experience with students, ECE through 5th grade. Last year, when she was with a different school, she worked as a social emotional learning coordinator and an instructional coach. She spent her time working with kindergarten and ESL.  

Mrs. Bixby has three kids of her own. They are in 3rd and 1st grade. Her girls all attend Park Hill Elementary. Our assistant principal Mrs. Bixby enjoys running in the park, spending time with her daughters, and visiting her family. 

Mrs. Bixby loves her job and she says “I enjoy working with students but I learned that I also like to work with teachers.” Mrs. Bixby really likes her job and says she would not like to be a principal. She loves being in education and helping out teachers and students. 

We asked her what she would change about Park Hill and she doesn’t want to change anything. I guess Park Hill is perfect. Honestly, this is Mrs. Bixby’s first year at Park Hill and there is a lot to learn in a new job.

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All Day Science with Ms. Gates!

By: Riley and Elee

Once or twice a year, Ms. Gate’s class gets a special visit from Professor Higgenbothom! A science teacher from England! We watched and observed the students for a few hours to learn Professor Higgenbothom’s methods! We’ve put together a collage of discovery which gives clues to Professor Higgenbothom’s methods!




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Mizel Walk Through

By Elee, Riley, and Ramona

Mobile cases hold a large selection of cultural possessions that invite students to explore similarities and differences among a variety traditions. The cases hold artifacts that show traditions that celebrate major life events. Like the way milestones are marked among different cultures by certain events, such as birth, marriage, and death, that are shared by people everywhere. Common and unique themes explain celebrations, special events and family traditions in many cultures. Music, costumes, masks, dolls, food and community participation among the cultures.


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Mrs. Neale’s Kindergarteners visit the art museum

Written by: Addie and Riley

Photos by: Addie and Riley

We went with Mrs. Neale’s kindergarten class to the Denver Art Museum. We saw lots of awesome art and are excited to share our lovely experience!


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3rd Graders go to the Botanical Gardens

By Elee, Riley, and Stella


Recently, the third graders  went to the Botanic Gardens. Check out all the fun they had!!