Mrs. Neale’s Kindergarteners visit the art museum

Written by: Addie and Riley

Photos by: Addie and Riley

We went with Mrs. Neale’s kindergarten class to the Denver Art Museum. We saw lots of awesome art and are excited to share our lovely experience!


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3rd Graders go to the Botanical Gardens

By Elee, Riley, and Stella


Recently, the third graders  went to the Botanic Gardens. Check out all the fun they had!!


Loaves for Cloves

By: Riley and Ramona

Cloves syndrome, is a disease that only around 500 people in the world have. The definition of this rare syndrome is a “disorder characterized by tissue overgrowth and complex vascular anomalies.” Or when your muscles tighten in one part of your body. It is a genetic disorder.

One of the Park Hill students has Cloves. Her mom sold loaves of bread, packages of cookies, and jewelry, to raise money for Cloves research.

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Denver Art Museum with Maes and Miller

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These are pictures from the Denver Art Museum  with the kindergarteners. These kids learned about different styles of art and got to make some art themselves.


Written and Photographed by,

Norah and Victoria

The Literature Lover Vol. 4

Dear Literature Lover,

I love adventure! And I don’t have anything to read. Do you have a book or book series you would recommend?

From: Elizabeth

Dear Elizabeth,

I have just the book for you, and this title is one of my personal favorites. It’s full of mystery, stranded grandparents, Antarctic accidents,  expressos, and one legged bold french girls. Please read The Doldrums by Nicholas Gannon.

Eleven year old Archer B. Helmsley longs for action packed adventures like the adventures his missing grandparents had before they went missing. Unfortunately, for Archer it is a challenge just to leave his house while his overprotective mother is making sure he doesn’t get stuck on an iceberg.

Archer doesn’t let his mom’s worries stop him from making a plan with his two friends. His friends, Aedélaïd L. Belmont — a French girl— and former dance prodigy whose leg might have been eaten by a crocodile, but maybe not, and Oliver Glub, who worries about everything so Archer doesn’t have to worry, embark with Archer to save his grandparents.

Together, the friends make a plan which leads to a true adventure. I’m not talking about a bad adventure. But certainly, nothing goes quite as expected.

This is is a beautifully crafted story about trial and error, and absolutely brimming to the rim with humor.

So, Elizabeth, no matter if your adventures are made of paper or real life, this is a great read.

Until next time readers.

The Literature Lover

(PS: if you liked the first Doldrums, then you should check out the the second, The Doldrums: The Helmsley Curse )

Hansel and Gretal

Photos by Nora & Caitlyn, Music by Caitlyn, Edited by Caitlyn, Written y Caitlyn

Wilhelm Grimm wrote the original story of Hansel and Gretal. He wrote it in 1812. Mr. Grimm’s job was a lawyer, like his father.

Hänsel and Gretel is an opera by the German composer Engelbert Humperdinck (with a German libretto by his sister, Adelheid Wette) that premiered in Weimar, Germany, on December 23, 1893.

The Hansel and Gretel we saw was a production at the Montview church. It was kid friendly and was changed from the original Grimm fairytale.

Information about Grimm and the opera copied from Brittanica and Wikipedia.

Gates and Connelly Walking tour

Written By Marivel and Photographed By Jackson & Marivel

Ms. Gates and Ms. Connelly took their students downtown on a tour of Historical Denver. We took the RTD bus down Colfax Ave getting off at Union Station.

After we got off at Union Station, our tour guide came an introduced himself. His name was Jeff. Jeff took us to the Oxford Hotel, the Ice House, and other buildings. I thought the Ice House was interesting because at the bottom of two stair cases there was a mysterious dungeon-like room with a weird lamp on inside like a dungeon.

This tour certainly made us think about “Why is this here?” , “What was this used for?”, and “How did the builders make that?”.

I asked Mrs. Connelly why she does this field trip and she said “It connects to what the students are studying and helps the kids understand how a building changes over time and how transportation has changed over time.”

Enjoy the Panther Post Walking Tour Slide Show:

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Cowen and Oxman Dress Rehearsal

By Nora and Iris

The 5th grade was doing a show called “The Cat and the Rat” about how the cat and the rat became enemies. Enjoy our pre-show version.


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If you want to hear Day-O click here.


Knock, Knock! Who’s There?


By Mrs. Isberg

The 2019 Denver Shakespeare Festival was attended by nearly 60 — 5th grade students. Our Park Hill Players spent the “live long day”  (JULIUS CAESAR, ACT I, SCENE I) watching and participating in one of the largest district-based Shakespeare Festivals in the nation. 

“AS GOOD LUCK WOULD HAVE IT” (THE MERRY WIVES OF WINDSOR, ACT III, SCENE V), I got to assist two of the Friday student groups become thespians. What fun! The students were fabulous, entertaining, and dedicated to bringing good theater to life.

The Thursday troupes, headed by Mr. Cowen, consisted of Adler, Angel, Annika, Aragon, Camila, Charlie, Colette, Camila, Estrella, Graham, Iris, Isaac, Jackson, Jaliyah, Josie, Kate, Khloe, Liam, Lily, Lucus, Lucy, Malayla, Mary, McKenna, Norah, Olivia, Paige, Quinn, Reeve, Samantha, Sophia, and Thomas.

The Friday troupes consisted of Ari, Audrey, Avery, Azul, Braxton, Camden, Caitlyn, Ramona, Victoria,  Graham, Greysen,  Fletcher, Gabriela, Eleanor, Elee, Emory, Ellena, Helina, Lucas, Marivel, Mason, Miles, Nadia, Nico, Oran, Reese, Reid, Stella, Tihun, and Wylie.

I filmed all six scenes done by the Friday troupe headed by Mrs. Mills.zYT5LqvtQA+WTaYrShZWpw

Here are the unedited movies for your entertainment:



NPR recognizes Panther Post Podcasts

By Mrs. Isberg

On Sunday, April 28th, 2019, I received an email from National Public Radio, NPR, regarding the six podcasts submitted to the first NPR Podcast Challenge. NPR received nearly 6,000 entries from all over the country and had to pick two winning entries, one for grades 5-8 and one for grades 9-12.

We did not win, however our “Bathroom Passes” was a finalist in the middle school category. Nico’s, Ramona’s, and Caitlyn’s Bathroom Passes can be heard on Soundcloud:

Also we received two honorable mentions for our submissions “Preparing for Sixth Grade” and “Save the Horses”.

“Preparing for Sixth Grade” was written and produced by Jackson, Riley, and Iris and “Save the Horses” was written and produced by Josie and Emily.

All six of our entries can be heard on Soundcloud: