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Inspiring Ideas to Turn the Holidays

and School Breaks into an Adventure

Don’t forget Summer Camps —

Registration is now open for our Denver “Colorado History” summer camps. Each week, campers actively engage with Colorado culture and history with activities like: making homemade pickles; constructing their own wooden frontier toys; hand-building clay pots using pottery techniques; or forming adobe bricks. Campers also explore History Colorado Center to learn about the week’s theme! Tuition assistance available.

Fossil Hunting — There are several places in Colorado to explore fossils. Colorado is best state for checking out dinosaurs and Dinosaur National Park is absolutely totally cool with an amazing Quarry Exhibit Hall that has 1500 dinosaur bones on view. There is great hiking here too.

Or check out the Garden Park Fossil Area in Cañon City which is one of the earliest paleontological sites in the U.S.

Or head over to the Royal Gorge Regional Museum and History Center to check out the Digging It Fossil collection. While you are in Cañon City, go to the Royal Gorge Bridge and Park where you will find America’s highest suspension bridge and zip line.

Nature Detectives — This resource comes to us from the UK. Here is a website dedicated to getting children out into nature. Many of the family inspired lessons, grouped by age group, can be quickly and easily adapted to our location. For example:

Make your own woodland-inspired wind chime.

Collect a handful of long, straight sticks, paint them and hang them up – ta-da! Your very own woodland wind chime!

  • Try sticks of different shapes and sizes – do they sound different?
  • Paint your sticks bright colours, or draw a pattern on them
  • Which other instruments can you make? Set up your own woodland orchestra!

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